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Welcome to IPMS Aces Wild


Home of the Inland Northwest Plastic Modelers. Our Chapter is located in Spokane, WA , and we are a group of about 30 plastic modelers who build a wide range of models. We are always looking for new membership, young or old. IPMS Membership is not required, but encouraged!

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about us

As stated above, we are a modeling group located in the Spokane area in the state of Washington. meeting areas and times are subject to change but are typically the same for a decent period of time. below is our current meeting times and current meeting address.

second Wednesday of every month is our date. 6 p.m to 7 p.m is our current time. the address is, 5829 E Rutter Ave, Spokane, WA 99212

if you would like a little more information on where were meeting click the button below. it will bring you to the Historic Flight Foundation website


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website manager:
Talon Lawrey
Chapter Contact:
Tom Freeland
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