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Home of the Inland Northwest Plastic Modelers. Our Chapter is located in Spokane, WA , and we are a group of about 30 plastic modelers who build a wide range of models. We are always looking for new membership, young or old. IPMS Membership is not required, but encouraged!

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about us

As stated above, we are a modeling group located in the Spokane area in the state of Washington. meeting areas and times are subject to change but are typically the same for a decent period of time. below is our current meeting times and current meeting address.

Please reach out to either the website manager or chapter contact for info on current meeting times and locations (reaching out to both is recommended). Currently we are meeting at Evergreen Middle School, 14221 E 16th Ave, Spokane, WA 99037. But we also meet at the Spokane library Hive Building, 2904 E Sprague Ave, Spokane, WA 99202 on occasion (Check the events page for more information) dates and times are subject to change and may do so suddenly.

Click the button below if you would like more information about our current meeting location.

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website manager:
Talon Lawrey
Chapter Contact:
Tom Freeland
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